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Cost of a new roof

How much will it cost to get your roof replaced? The materials you pick for your roof will determine how much a roof replacement would cost. For a quote, contact Cornerstone Building and Restoration. We will perform a free roof check for you and provide a quick estimate for a new roof.

How frequently should a roof be changed?

Depending on the material, the following replacement schedule is advised:

Shingle age range: 12 to 20 years
Roofing made of asphalt: 15–30 years.
20–25 years for wood shingles.
30–50 years for rubber roofs
50 to 75 years for metal roofs
When should my roof be replaced?

In the following situations, you should replace your roof:

Unstable shingles
broken shingles
Lack of shingles
Sagging roofing
Rot or mold are present
There are indications of water leaking or damage