Cedar Roof Installation:

Cornerstone Building and Restoration recently restored a cedar shake roof for a beautiful home in Bethesda, Maryland.  The cedar shake was in bad shape due to hail damage. We replaced the roof with #1 grade treated cedar handsplit shakes!  This will last with ZERO maintenance for 50 years guaranteed !!

Why Are Cedar Roofs Popular?

Cedar roofs  are popular because of their extreme durability.  Cedar roofs are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.  The quality of the roof depends upon the grain (“edge” grain or flat grain), the thickness (1/2” for medium, ¾” for heavy, 1 ½” for jumbo),  ventilation, and the proper care and maintenance.

Is Cedar Roof right for you? Contact Cornerstone Building and Restoration to discuss your options.

About Cornerstone Building and Restoration:  We are a family owned business and have been serving customers for over 34 years in the mid Atlantic states.  We are GAF Certified roofing company. We are licensed in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We specialize in roof replacement and repairs, vinyl siding installation and gutters. Along with our many specialty licenses and certifications we also have inspectors who are HAAG certified to identify any storm related damage that can shorten the life of your roof or siding.